Monday, June 27, 2011


On Saturday, Andy took Ruby out on a daddy-daughter-date.  And while they were gone, cousins and kin gathered at our house to celebrate Ruby's birthday.
As it came time for Ruby's return, the anticipation was palpable. 

"Here they come!"

"Quick, HIDE!"

Alli hid in a cabinet.

The boys peeped over the stairs.



We took this party out back for some BBQ, cake, presents, ice cream, s'mores...

One of the cousins gave Ruby a giant medal... it says "#1 silver medal for awesomest cousin."

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Friday, June 10, 2011

School's out for summer!

Someone is excited for summer vacation!

(And I will be trying to find a new balance for the rest of the month.  I'll be fine by July.)

Party at the Mars house!

I am from a big family.  And when we get together, it is an instant party.
Well, we got together last weekend for the blessing of my newest nephew David.
And after the church service, it was time for lunch in the pavilion at Mom and Dad's house.

It takes a lot of food to feed this crowd.

Especially when the teenagers are first in line.

And when everyone is this hungry...

Spencer stuffed this dog down in a most adorable way.

Dan and Leslie made their famous bread.

Cousins, cousins everywhere...

Eldon ate something blue.

The kids played on Grandma's playground.

Some kids played in the playroom.

Grandma has at least 50 pounds of Legos.

We found frogs in the grass.  Teeny, tiny, miniature frogs.  Everywhere.

Yes, that is a frog.  And there were hundreds of them hopping through the grass.  Everyone was stepping lightly through the lawn trying to avoid squishing the tiny toads. 
The kids had a great time collecting as many as they could hold.

We were sure to release them after quick observation... though I a few were definitely worse for wear.
Uncle Chris was happy to take the kids on a tractor ride.  Chris is a man-boy who still delights in driving his old red tractor around (it was a gift to him when he was 8 or 9).  It is tough to say who is more giddy about tractor rides, Chris or the kids.  (Probably Chris.)

All the grandkids used to fit in the trailer, but that was back when there were only a few and they were small.

There are a few kids in the trailer that you cannot see in this picture.  And this is not even 1/3 of the grandkids!

Here I am on the hammock with Andy.

Nothing like a shady hammock on a warm day with my man!

All in all a lovely day with the people we love.