Monday, July 21, 2014

Bob the Caterpillar

My grandma wrote a book called "Please Don't Step on Me."  It is about bugs and the things they do to help us.
Grandma passed away when I was pregnant with Alli, so my girls never got to meet her.

But I think they share her love of little critters.

Ruby and June found this guy outside... This is "Bob."  Bob will become a black swallowtail butterfly soon.  Bob eats dill... lots of it!
We dug up a dill plant and potted it and brought it in the house.  Bob is devouring that plant.  He is getting bigger and shinier and smoother every day.  The girls love to check on him and see how he has changed.
Stay tuned... hopefully we will have a butterfly in a few weeks.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cora: four months old!

Time flies... seriously.
Our Cora is already four months old (okay, that happened a few weeks ago... sheesh.).
At four months, Cora weighed in at 15 pounds 7 ounces.  And she was 24.6 inches tall.  Not bad.
I wrote this blog post when June was 4 months old.  Check it out for comparisons.  Who do you think Cora looks like?  (I can see similar features from all of her sisters.)
This was Cora's blessing day at church...  Ruby was baptized the day before.  It was really a great weekend.  Grandma Utah made Cora's blessing dress.  It was gorgeous.  Grandma has made a dress for each of the girls.

This month Cora had her first pony ride.  :)  Grandpa Ohio helped her ride "Mindy" at our friends' home.

Cora definitely has blue eyes like her daddy.

She looks like a Hershey Kiss when she sits.

And her hair is thickest in the middle, like a mohawk.

Cora has adorable "triangle legs."  You know, her legs are shaped like triangles... nice and chubby up top and cute little ankles at the bottom.  (Alli coined that phrase.  Brilliant.)

I think Cora will have curly hair.  Her mohawk gets rather unruly and curly, especially when wet.

Cora's unique thing is the way she sings herself to sleep.  She is our loudest/noisiest baby...  probably out of necessity.  Being the fourth girl is tough.  When Cora gets tired, she starts singing to herself until she falls asleep.  Pretty adorable.

(I was going to post the video here, but it is not working currently... I will try to add it soon!)

Sleep.  Cora was sleeping pretty well at night, but not the past few nights.  I am trying to remember the last time I slept eight hours without interruption... or even six hours... sigh.  Eventually, I will get to sleep through the night again.  No worries.
Cora is absolutely a delight.  We all love watching and helping her become someone amazing.