Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One little speckled frog

 The end of the school year is fast approaching.  To celebrate, June's school had a "Picnic with the Pipsqueaks."
June's class made frog hats and sang many cute songs... including the speckled frog song.
 I can't believe how much she has grown.  (Look back at the post from Christmas... she looks older.)
Just this week, she learned how to tie a shoe and how to whistle.  Those are two HUGE milestones!
She is so eager to grow up and be like her big sisters.  It is adorable, and it breaks my heart a little... can't she stay little a while longer?

Funeral for a Bumble Bee

 We have been spending much more time outside now that the weather is springy and pleasant.  We are getting our garden ready and trying to make something of our lawn.

Ruby found a dead bumble bee while tending to the garden. And she was sad.

 She called the bee "Daisy" and decided that we should have a funeral for her.
 I found a tiny box from a tiny harmonica, and it made a suitable coffin for a bee.
 Songs were prepared, neighbors invited.
A spot was solemnly prepared.

 The bee was laid to rest in the fairy garden (by the AC unit).  A few neighbor kids decided to protest the funeral... since they don't like bees.  Sigh.
My grandma would have been so proud of Ruby.  Grandma was known for her love of all creatures... even the little ones.  She wrote a book about being kind to insects.  I know Grandma was smiling in down on us... as Daisy pollinates the meadows in Heaven.