Monday, February 6, 2012

Alli's Baptism

Alli turned eight this year.  This is a big milestone for her.  In our church, children are baptized at eight years old.
Alli chose to wear my baptism dress... it needed a good washing to get all the dust off... but it came out snow white.

The dress is flowy and full.  The fabric is a cotton Swiss dot.  I was baptized in this dress, and my two younger sisters used this dress.  Every girl who has used it gives it a good twirl... how could you resist!?! 
My sister Janis spoke at the service.  Alli's cousins played the music.  My brother David spoke too.  Andy performed the baptism.

What a blessing to have a daddy who holds the Priesthood.
Alli was grinning through the whole service.

Ear-to-ear grinning!  After she came out of the water she was smiling and shivering.  I helped her change out of her wet clothes into the new sparkly dress from Grandma Utah.  After the baptism and confirmation, our extended family gathered for a lunch.  There were cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents... plus her immediate family!

Doesn't she look lovely?!  And so grown up?  (Sigh.)

We had a pot luck feast.  I made an 8-shaped cake (which a little cousin sampled... and he took handfuls of the brownies).
I am so thankful for my sweet eight-year-old girl!  She has taught us so much in eight years... and hopefully she is learning good stuff from us.  I am so proud of her, she is an amazing girl, and she is going to be a great woman someday.