Monday, April 7, 2014

One Month of Cora

Yesterday was Cora's one month birthday.  Unbelievable.  The month flew by so swiftly... yet, it seems that Cora has been a part of our family for much longer than that.  She fits right in.
Here are a few observations about our Cora...
 She is very alert.  When she is awake, she looks around and follows the action with her eyes.
Cora is strong.  She will push up with her legs so she can stand.  She holds her head up.
Cora has blue eyes.  We think they will stay that way.  She has long curly eyelashes.  She hit the genetic jackpot.
(On a side note: these baby jeans crack me up!  The seat part is huge compared to the little legs... like Humpty Dumpty pants!)

Cora has lots of hair.  It grows in all directions.  I think it will be curly.
 Cora is a good eater.  Can you tell?  She has luscious cheeks.
She smiles a lot... when she is awake and when she is asleep.  Life is good for this little one.

Surviving sisters

Cora is lucky to be the youngest of four girls... or to put it another way, Cora has four mommies.
So far, she puts up with all of the love and affection really well.

Here she has a hat on her head, a book on her lap, and a sister on each side.

This is the scene during General Conference... tents, snacks, pillows, candy, art supplies...

There she is!  Alli and Cousin Eliza took good care of Cora.

Whenever the girls get a chance, they want to pick out Cora's clothes.  June loves to put bows in Cora's hair.  It is great to see the girls care for their sister so much.
There is a lot of love here.

Spring lambs

We are lucky to have friends with a farm... and sheep.  The sheep recently had lambs, so we went to check them out.
The girls were excited to see the sheep.  
(Yikes.  Watch out sheep!)

The sheep were very friendly, the lambs were somewhat shy.
"Are those girls still here?"

Watching the lambs frolic and play was adorable.  Cute overload!  

We were all pretty smitten with the lambs.  And now we all want lambs... lots of them... jumping around and playing... and never getting big.

Andy let Cora get a look at the sheep.  I think I said, "Don't let the sheep lick her!"  I don't know if sheep actually lick people.  But that mama sheep was close!
Cora did not get licked.