Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Every Mother's Day, my dream is to sleep in. 

But, let's face it, that is not what motherhood is about.

So today started early for me... when a warm, wet sensation seeped down the side of my body.  Apparently, June had climbed into our bed at some point in the wee morning hours.  She snuggled up to me.  And then she peed.  I am heavier than she, so the pee pooled next to me. 
Not my favorite wake up.
So I was in she shower around 5am... a little bit grumpy and grossed out.  (Actually, not too grossed out.  On the spectrum of gross things I have dealt with, pee is on the mild side... barf is much worse.)
After cleaning myself off, I put June in the shower (she stood there, but I am not sure she was awake), I stripped the sheets off of my side of the bed (Andy slept like a rock through this), wrapped June up in a towel, and went back to bed. 
This is why our bed has the industrial strength mattress pad on it.  Pee, barf, poo, extreme boogers... all those things are most likely to happen in mom and dad's bed (by the kids, of course!).
I didn't really fall asleep again.  I looked over at June all zonked out and bundled up in a fluffy white towel and marveled at how precious she is.  Too cute to stay mad at over something like this. 

That is what motherhood does to you.

I like to have a little space when I sleep, and when June gets in our bed, she likes to snuggle up right next to me with an arm or leg hanging over me... or holding on to me if I try to get away.  As I lay there this morning, I felt so grateful for my girls, and grateful to be a mom. 
I also felt tired... which goes hand in hand with motherhood.

Breakfast was not in bed this year... the sheets were all in the wash... and I was up.  It was delicious anyhow.
Alli and Ruby presented their gifts to me earlier this week.  As soon as they brought them home from school.  (They are a little like me that way.)  They made more cards and drawings for me at church.

After church, I was exhausted.  I read books to Ruby and June and fell asleep mid-book on the floor in the living room.  And while I slept, the girls took a picture of me.  And when I woke up I found someone had been eating brown sugar out of the jar in the kitchen.  And I was surrounded by stuffed animals.

Andy has been finishing the basement studio this week.  The flooring is going in!  He is making dinner today... sous vide salmon!!!  (New recipe... let's hope it works out!) 

Motherhood is not what I expected it to be.  It is better and worse and much deeper and far more complicated than I could have possibly imagined.  But motherhood is lovely.  Motherhood IS LOVE!  And mothers should be celebrated and revered.  I am so thankful to my mothers...

My mom is a saint.  I cannot fathom the patience she must have.  I cannot imagine birthing ten babies... and then raising them all.  And remembering all of the birthdays.  And writing thank you notes all the time.  She blows my mind.

My mother-in-law is amazing.  She is an encyclopedia of homemaking wisdom.  She gives so much time to us and her grandkids.  (Plus, her homemade caramels are phenomenal... and she makes perfect gravy.)

And I am thankful for the little mamas at our house.
Check out the little video we made for Mother's Day.