Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday month

January is birthday month at our house for four out of five of us... so the banner went up at the beginning of January (as soon as the Christmas stuff came down) and it will stay up until the very end of January.
June's birthday was first.

She had a baby-Dora-chicken nugget-themed birthday party.  With a pink cake.

Alli turned eight this year.  This is a milestone year because she was baptized!  (That deserves its own post... soon!)

She had a delicious carrot cake shaped like an eight... but her little cousin got his paws on it (and the pan of brownies too).

My birthday was great.  I did my traditional birthday pushups.  I have been training for them since November... and I rocked 'em!  The girls made breakfast in bed for me.
I found a heart drawn on the wall... made from a booger.  Super special.
Andy's birthday is today.  He did birthday pushups too (but he didn't even have to train for them... I guess he is still young enough). 

It has been a fun month, but I am glad to wait a few more months until the next birthday.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday ride...

Our little Junebug turned 3 this week! 

To celebrate her big day (and the gorgeous weather), we went for a ride around the block (actually, she was the only one riding.  I was paparazzi.)

Did you know June dresses herself?

And puts her own shoes on.  She likes to be independent.

Can you see the determination in her eyes?  She rode around our entire block.  By herself.

Except by the house with the dog out in the yard.  I carried her and her trike and the camera past the waggly-tailed monster.

Saturday we took the show to the school playground.
Off into the sunset...

The rest of the crew.

PS- Ruby is learning to ride without training wheels... note the new holes in her pants.