Tuesday, December 22, 2009

life without the internet

We are in our new house!

And we love it!

But we are not yet connected to the internet.
So hang in there friends! We will be connected in 2010.
Eventually we will send out Christmas cards... well after Christmas.

Until then, here is a quick update on us:

Alli loves our new house. She and Ruby still share a room for now. Alli has been reading Junie B. Jones books by herself. She told me that she really loves Barbara Parks' writing. Alli loves to ride her scooter around the basement.

Ruby is so excited for Christmas. Everyday she says, "I know it's Christmas today!" We just unpacked our Christmas countdown calendar... we will count down the last few days. Ruby is delighted to have all of the toys out of storage.

June can now stand up without the assistance of furniture! She can take steps too. Currently she can do 4 or 5 at a time.

Andy is getting his woodshop all set up. He is going to build shelves for his office and a built-in-toy-storage-thingy for the family room.

I have been busy unpacking and organizing our stuff. There are boxes everywhere! It is good work though.

We are well.
Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Marissa!

A special treat for a special aunt...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

going once, going twice...

We are back in Ohio. We are staying with my parents until our house is done. It is getting close. We have a walk-through later this week.
We can't wait to move into our new house!
But in the mean time, we are having fun with family, decorating for Christmas, baking, feeding the ducks... Andy and I went to two auctions last Saturday. Our first auction was a tool auction. Everyone there was dressed in their Carhart gear... we stuck out a bit. They all knew the value of the tools, so there weren't great deals on the things we wanted. The second auction was at the county fairgrounds. There was a lot of junk, but lots of treasures too. I got 12 matching, gorgeous dinner plates for $5! This is the pattern. Oh I just LOVE it!The auction was so much fun! We also got some artwork, an upholstered chair, a table, a vintage tool box, books, a vase, a platter, a 12 complete servings of China, two little rocking chairs, a tiny willow-pattern teacup and saucer... and we spent less than $50!