Friday, June 28, 2013

Jen and Derek got married!

There was no easing into summer this year.  We jumped right into summer with a road trip to Boulder, Colorado for Jen and Derek's wedding!
Jen is Andy's sister.  

Jen was stunning in her gown.
Penny, dressed to the (pink) nines, led the way down the aisle... Derek close behind.
 The ceremony was beautiful.  Their friend performed the marriage ceremony.  Their vows were so lovely and personal.  Derek and Jen just grinned at each other the whole time.
 Penny was adorable in her tutu.
 Jen had sidewalk chalk for the kids.  This and the playground kept them busy.
We are so happy for them!  It was such a treat to witness their marriage.

Grandma's cherry tree

One thing the kids were looking forward to doing in Utah is climbing Grandma's cherry tree.

The cherries weren't quite ripe.  The thing is, once they are ripe, the birds pick the tree clean in a single day. 

 June said they were delicious.  And she ate a ton of them.
 And she and Ruby spent hours upon hours perched on the branches in the cherry tree.
 Munching on cherries and spitting out the seeds.
Getting a little silly sometimes.
The cherries ripened.  The birds stripped the tree... with some help from June and Ruby.