Friday, August 19, 2011

self-inflicted haircut

The conversation went something like this:

Oh, Alli!


Who did this to your hair?

I did.

Go look in the mirror.

I like it.

Why did you do this!?!!!??

That piece of hair is always getting in my face.  So I cut it off.

Well, it won't be in your face anymore.

I think we may be using some awesome hair accessories to draw attention away from the patch of vertical hair in the near future.  Luckily we just got a package from some aunts with foresight.  Check out the little people in Alli and Ruby's hair!

Here's a closer look at June's...

And they make great bracelets too!

Monday, August 15, 2011


We didn't go to the zoo all summer.  It was too hot.  But today was heavenly.  High seventies, mixed sun and clouds.

It took us forever to leave the house.  Everyone is too summer-crazy to do things quickly around here.  Getting into the car takes at least half an hour... and someone always neglects to bring shoes or something essential.
I stopped at Dominoes on the way to the zoo.  $3.99 for a lunch pizza.
We started our zoo excursion on the west side of the zoo... opposite of our normal routine.
We had our pizza picnic right away.
We fed the lorikeets.

They drink liquid gold... at least that's what they charge you for.  It looks like Country Time Lemonade.

But the experience was delightful.  The birds come right up to you.

The girls wanted the birds to get every last drop.  But I think they get so much that they refuse cups that aren't very full.

(Check out these adorable hair accessories the girls have.  We got a fun package from some amazing aunts today!)

And in the kangaroo enclosure... "Smile!"

This was right before she ducked under the fence to get a closer look.  I grabbed her before a roo could snatch her up and tuck June in her pouch.
I have never seen all of the Columbus Zoo in one trip.  It is too big.  We gave up after two and a half hours.  We saw approximately 25% of the zoo. 
So I guess we will have to go back.

an August day

Last week I had a day that went something like this...

That is green food coloring.

June, say "sorry."


(But not really.) 
Luckily this disaster happened outside.  And now we have a patch of really green grass.
This is Ruby on time out.

This one can be fierce... when she isn't cute as a button.  As summer winds down, she is spending more and more time on the pink chair.  Teasing Alli is far too much fun at this point.

Alli somehow escaped time-out.  See her gloat.

Then I found the brownies in this condition...

These brownies are laced with zucchini (it's August... that's what happens when you have a garden).
The culprit was easy to spot.

My nephew Spencer is too cute to get in trouble... besides that, we was eating his veggies.  Speaking of veggies...
Here is a fresh-from-the-garden tomato.  It was ripened to perfection on the vine.

And then its guts were smashed out violently on our counter.
Someone in our house doesn't like tomatoes.
And she isn't afraid to rough 'em up a little.
When I went to my dark chocolate stash for a little consolation, I found this...

Bites.  I know baby teeth bites when I see them... and there are only two girls left in this house with baby teeth.


Andy came home and took the girls to the home improvement store to pick up some material for his latest project.  (He is finishing part of the basement!)  I took off for my favorite store hoping for some retail therapy.  The store was closed.  So I went to a boring store to get the last few back-to-school supplies.

Yes, I am looking forward to school starting soon.  Things are getting a little wild around here.