Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We have been busy getting our garden ready for spring.

Followed by...

Life is good.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair dos and don'ts

Alli has a strong part in her hair... on the left it grows one way and on the right it grows the other way.  Ruby has a strong part too.

Poor June has no part.  Her hair grows straight forward from the cowlick in the back.

Her hair is always in her face, but I have been reluctant to cut bangs, since they would start at the back of her head.  I have been trying to clip that hair to the sides... but June doesn't love hair stuff.  I trimmed the back of June's hair a few weeks ago into a shorter bob style.

Ruby had no fears about bangs on her sister.

So Ruby went ahead and cut June's hair.  And the crazy thing is, she did a great job! 

(Except for some of the patchiness on June's right side.)

The bangs were a good length, and pretty straight.

I didn't even notice at first... until I found the clumps of hair under the end table by the couch.
June looks cute with the bangs.
And Ruby has talent... and she is in big trouble!