Thursday, April 28, 2011

freckle envy

Recently we had a sunny spell (between the rain) and I told Alli it was time for some sunscreen.  As I put it on her, I noticed that she was starting to get a few more freckles.  I mentioned that to her, and almost instantly she turned to Ruby and said, "Ha ha!  I have freckles like Je-en."  (That's "Jen" stretched into two syllables.)  Alli is excited to be getting  a few freckles like her aunt.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Broke

That is the past tense of spring break.  Right?
This week was our spring break!  Quick as a wink, our break is coming to a close, but here is a recap of our week...

We kicked off the week with a trip to Grandma and Grandpa Ohio's house!  Cousin Eliza joined us for a weekend of fun.  On our drive up to Grandma's house, Alli and Eliza made a "bucket list" of things to do at Grandma's house... things like baking cupcakes, having an Easter egg hunt, tractor rides, collecting chicken eggs at Uncle Dan's house, doing an art project, etc.
Making cupcakes was the first order of business.

At Dan's house, the girls took a tractor ride back to the chicken coop...

where there were lots of eggs waiting to be collected!

June was happy just following the "silly chickens" around.

Cousin Sam impressed the girls by balancing across the log to get to the island... which he claimed as his own kingdom.

Alli plans on venturing out to the island this summer.  Watch out Sam.
Back at Grandma's house, we watched General Conference.  I love hearing messages of faith and hope... especially from apostles and prophets.  I came away wanting to try harder and be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, etc. 
Grandma made up an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

I came back home on Monday with June and Eliza.  Alli and Ruby got to spend a few extra days being spoiled by Grandma. 
And it was so quiet at home.

Junie helped me mop the kitchen floor.  And it stayed clean for more than 24 hours!
June ate her veggies.

She has a thing for broccoli.  For real.
I even got a few projects done.  I mulched the kids' garden in our back yard and planted a few more flowering bushes (not flowering yet, but just wait until summer!).  I mended a shirt and recovered an iron-legged bench.

And most importantly, June is still potty trained.
I met my Mom at Grandpa's Cheese Barn to pick up the girls.  They returned home with more toys than they left with.  Plus snacks, candy, a stack of art supplies, etc.  All in all a most excellent week.
And we have one more weekend before it's back to school time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

the latest on June

Little June likes to be Miss Independent.  Today she dressed herself.  That is why she is wearing her "Daddy's Little Monkey" shirt (one of her top 3 favorites), leggings, and another shirt worn as a skirt.
As you can see, the back of June's hair has grown long... which is adorable when she lets me twist it into tiny braids.  But normally, she prefers not to have her hair fussed over.
And so it was time for June to meet Bob.
June, Bob.
Bob, June.

I think it suits her.
In other June news, I haven't had to change poopy pants in over a week!  (I grin as I type this!)  June does all her business on the potty!  She knows when to go, and takes off running when it is time.  She loves  washing her hands.  She has been the easiest kid to potty train... by far.