Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ohio State Fair

Yesterday we ventured out in the sweltering heat to check out the Ohio State Fair.  We went with my sister, Janis and her two youngest girls.  The first stop was at the Geico booth were we won gecko Pez dispensers and gecko fans.  The fans were put to use immediately.
The midway was lined with food vendors selling deep-fried anything and everything.  It smelled good.
We watched the shark show.  The aquarium is on a truck trailer.  I kept thinking about car crashes involving sharks... and I don't know if portable aquariums are a good idea.  But the kids liked the show.

At the petting zoo tent we found all sorts of creatures common and otherwise.

Hot is not enough of a word to describe the inside of the tent.  All the girls had rosy-pink cheeks with beads of sweat gathering on little noses and upper lips.  The hair at the back of their necks was sopping wet.

I paid $1 for 1/3 of carrot slices.  I know I shouldn't think about it like that.  The kids got to feed the animals... and that was priceless.

June liked the animals, but was not interested in feeding them or touching them.

She likes to have her space (and all ten little fingers).

We took a stroll through the poultry pavilion.  The noise was amazing.  The hens and roosters were clucking and crowing... plus there were turkeys, ducks, and other fowl... all noisy.  We found some interesting varieties of birds.

Check out this chicken...

She looks like a Muppet. 

These ducks have interesting hairstyles.  Love 'em!

There was a giant Smokey the Bear.  It talked to the kids.  And they were freaked out when he called them by name.

Huh?  Did he just say my name?!
My (step) Grandpa was presented an award.  He is an amazing artist and storyteller.

For more on my Grandpa Edwin George, click here.

The gecko fans were a big hit.

And very funny.

And then it was off to the pig races.

We cheered those piggies on.

We shared some cotton candy...

and some ice cream.

June is little, but she can defend her ice cream to the last spoonful.

Almost everyone liked the sheep.

Except for June.

We got to pet a pony.

And when it was time to go...

we were glad to go home.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

traveling with three kids

When we travel by air, I like to dress the girls alike.  It is easier to keep track of them.  I fear losing a child in an airport, and I figure if they are dressed alike, I can easily say, "She was wearing this... only smaller."

As soon as we board a plane, Alli and Ruby review the safety information card in the seat-back pocket.

And then they ask questions.
"Have you ever done THIS before?"  "What is he doing?"
The explanations are fun... and always lead to more questions.

June is a nervous flyer.  She did not like take-offs.  Nor landings.  As the engines fired up, she said, "What's going on?!"  And when we got up into the clouds, she looked out the window and exclaimed, "We're falling out of the clouds!"  And when there was turbulence, she had worried eyes.  We took a few trips to the potty.  That was stressful to her too.  I must admit, I get a little freaked out when I flush an airplane potty.

Alli kept herself busy with a book.  Ruby drew pictures.  June sat on my lap and got into things.

We flew on Southwest Airlines.  I like the family boarding and free checked bags.
The kids liked the airplane-shaped crackers.

Alli and Ruby battled over the window seats.

For good reason.  The view just outside of Chicago was spectacular with hundreds of whirling white windmills.  And the city dazzled at sunset.  Unfortunately, we only had an hour in Chicago which meant we could only enjoy the airport.
Traveling is a treat, but there is something magical about coming home.

take a hike

One of my favorite things to do in Utah is hike in the mountains.  So we went hiking a few times while we were there.
Donut Falls is an easy hike, and we can walk to the trail head from Andy's parents' house.

The stream glowing in the golden evening light...

Ruby loved sticking her feet in the freezing cold water.

We were going to hike to Secret Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon, but the road past Alta was closed due to five feet of snow still covering it.  The nice man at the post office recommended a hike to Lisa Falls.  Which we did.

This was a great family hike.  Slightly adventurous.

The stream split into a few runs.  This one came down bare rocks...

which we climbed.  The girls were freaked out by the little lizards darting from rock to rock.

The view across the canyon.  It is crazy that there was still snow in this part of the canyon in July!  And everything was still green and lush.

Three little monkeys hanging from a tree...

This run looked like a rainforest!  There were berries and lush ferns and giant leaves growing by the stream.

We also hiked at Brighton in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The trail started out lovely, but turned to a slushy snow field.  Only Andy and June made it to the lake at the top.  The rest of us warmed our feet on a large boulder and had snacks while we waited for them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

pictures with Grandma Norma

While in Utah, we got to visit Andy's Grandma Norma.  She is getting up there (92!), so we like to get pictures of the kids with her whenever we get the chance.

I love this one of Alli and Norma.

June wasn't cooperating.
But let's get everyone...

Alli's smile is so painful.  What a sport.

Just one more...

Good enough.

Hopefully these pictures will (somehow) bring back pleasant memories for the kids.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new eyes

I can see clearly now...

without corrective lenses!

While on our trip to Utah, I had PRK (lasers!) done to my eyes.  I was hoping for LASIK, but my cornea's are irregularly shaped, so Dr. Hoopes recommended PRK.
The procedure was quick... actually 15 seconds per eye. 

If you would like to see the procedure, I have a DVD of my eyes getting fixed.  (I haven't watched it yet.)

After the surgery I slept.  All day long.  I woke up to eat and pee and put drops in my eyes. 

Andy flew in to Utah the next day.  He had a ragin' case of pink eye.  I kept my distance, and miraculously, I didn't get it!

I spent several days with dark sunglasses.  Sometimes hats too.  My eyes were thirsty for drops.

One week post surgery, my eyes were 20/30.  Legal to drive.

My vision is still improving.  It takes 4-6 weeks to see the full results from PRK.

For now I am just glad to wake up and see my alarm clock without glasses.