Tuesday, September 29, 2009

two school girls!

On our walk home from school today, Alli said, "Today was GREAT day for two reasons: I saw a girl with the SAME lunchbox as me. And I saw Ruby in the lunchroom."

Alli did see Ruby in the lunchroom because Ruby started preschool on Monday! Ruby was so excited for her first day of school, she wouldn't look at the camera... she was anxiously looking toward her new class.
Ruby loves preschool so far. She is in a Montessori program, so there are children ages 3-6 in her classroom. Ruby has napped at school two days in a row! (Yes, the same Ruby that gave up naps at 18 months!)

Alli is loving kindergarten. She is a fantastic reader. She loves learning and has unquenchable curiosity. She is always asking her teacher for more challenging work. Alli likes to walk Ruby to her classroom and see her during the day... she is good big sister.

Having Ruby in preschool has changed my routine! Before school is very busy: breakfast for everyone and two packed lunches, coats, shoes, clean faces... But after I drop Alli and Ruby off, I am free (June is easy)! I celebrated Ruby's first day of school by taking the train downtown to have lunch with Andy. And shopping is so much easier with one kid! I have been running more. I am getting a lot done.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jumping June!

This giant jumper apparatus is taking up some valuable real estate in our living room, but June really loves getting her workout everyday. She is toning her tiny baby legs. And she has buns of steel from all the jumping. She may skip crawling and walking and go straight to bouncing everywhere because it is so much fun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

sweet sisters

All three girls in a sister hug... and no one is crying! They can be so cute sometimes.

June looks so big in this picture, but I think it is the perspective of the camera.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alli the kindergartener

After school today, when Alli was telling me about her day, she got all serious and said, "The WORST thing happened at school today!"
All kinds of things went through my mind real fast.  Was there a weapon?  Or bullying?  Or a creepy stranger?  Or...
"A girl brought a GRANOLA BAR to school!"


"Wow.  What did your teacher do?"
Alli said her teacher checked the ingredients and told the girl she couldn't eat it because it had nuts.  The little girl had to put it back in her lunch bag for later.

I can hardly believe Alli is a kindergartener already!  So far she is loving her school and classmates.  Her school is nut-free... and she takes it very seriously. 
I love hearing about her school adventures everyday as we walk home. 
"You can BUY a lunch at school!  AND milk!" (She is very excited to buy a lunch sometime.)
"The gym is SOOOO huge!"
"Our recess is so short.  I didn't have enough time to play."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Phase II

We survived Phase I of The Move.
Last weekend most of our stuff was hauled to storage and we moved out of our townhouse into a furnished rental. It was an exhausting weekend, but we pushed through with the help of several dear friends.
We closed on our house Monday. It is sold! We are no longer "homeowners."
The rental is just a few blocks from the old place, but it feels like a completely different neighborhood. And I feel like a college student again... only with a husband and three kids... and a higher budget... and a minivan. The mismatched furniture and random assortment of dishes remind me of my college apartments. And the renting vibe has me thinking about carefree college days.
Our new place has a tiny kitchen. Not the smallest I have ever had (our very first apartment was a coach house with mini everything... a 5 gallon water heater, tiny oven, low ceilings).... but I can touch all appliances without moving my feet. Seriously. When the dishwasher is open, I am trapped inside the kitchen.
I do love the back patio and the play room. And the extra bathroom is great. And this is the first time I have had a garage to park in since leaving home. Deluxe!
We are still house hunting. Stay tuned for Phase III.