Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hooray for long weekends!

Saturday was Alli and Ruby's last soccer game of the season.  Ruby kicked the ball during the game... which is a victory if you ask us.

On Sunday we went up to my parents' house for a visit.  My friend Beth who lives a very exotic life in Hawaii was back in town... so I jumped at the chance to see her.  I regret not taking any pictures of the two of us.  Bummer.  But we had a lovely BBQ dinner.  My brother and his family came.  They brought the most heavenly home-made sour dough bread.  Alli, Ruby, and June had so much fun playing with cousins that they ended up having a sleepover with cousin Sam.

On Monday we slept in.  (A great way to start any holiday.)  My brother Dan invited us over for a pancake breakfast.  Dan is hardcore.  He has a commercial grill.  I could lay on it.  He built a giant griddle to go on top... and that is where the pancakes were cooked.  Pancakes taste better outside.  And they taste better drizzled with syrup that came from the trees that are shading you. 
That's right.

Dan not only makes pancakes, he makes syrup too.  And he used eggs from his very own chickens.

Anyhow, my other brother Chris came too with his family.  He has a new baby called David who is so fuzzy and cute... June was entranced with him.  I took pictures of David and his family.  You can see them here.

There are great swings hanging from the giant trees by Dan's house.  The girls really liked these swings and spent a good chunk of the morning flying through the air or pushing each other.  Even June took a turn as a pusher... though she is a much more effective swinger.
Perhaps the girls liked swinging so much because the mosquitoes couldn't catch them.  With the monsoon rains we have had, the mosquitoes were out in full force.  We are all dotted with itchy pink lumps.
We made it back to Columbus just in time for another BBQ.  The girls couldn't get enough of the sandbox and the splash pool at our friends' house.  Andy and I played cornhole.  His smacktalk finally paid off after the third round or so.  He might have been the winner... depending on how you score the game. 
After a fun day, the girls needed a bath to get the sand out of their hair, sunscreen off their skin, and ice cream off their chins.

Friday, May 20, 2011

cousins, water, mischief, and fun


Is that my daughter spitting water?!

We are having too much fun tonight.

the kids' garden

In the corner of our yard, we made a garden for the kids.  The soil is mounded with a stone path through the middle.  There are blueberry bushes (small, but they have blossoms) and a bird feeder and a bird bath.  We mulched the garden with cocoa shells.  (This mulch smells like brownies when it is fresh!)  The garden also has a gnome, cement frog, and other critters... they come and go... sometimes to neighbors' yards.  We have planted all sorts of flower seeds and bulbs.
And now we have to wait for sunlight and water and growing magic in our garden.

in my garden

Andy might tell you that I am a hoarder... of egg shells.  When winter was teasing us with its last chills... before the torrential rains of April (and May)... I started saving our eggs shell to plant seeds in.  I saved dozens.  I filled each half shell with soil, and the girls helped tuck little seeds lovingly into the dirt.
Everyday we peeked at our egg pots... waiting for the first sprouts.  And, oh, what excitement when the bright green seedlings broke through the black soil.  And when the first leaves unfolded! 
And a month later...

There are dozens of thriving little plants.  Most have transitioned from their spots in the egg crates to summer homes in the garden.  Most are quite happy there.  The neat thing about starting seeds in egg shells is the entire shell can be put in the soil when the seedling gets planted.  I just crushed up the shell a little to let the tender roots break through.

Thanks to my brother, we have stepping stones in our garden.  Not only are they fun to step on, they help keep little feet away from delicate plants.

I have planted an antique copper boiler with salad greens.  Ruby picked a variety of lettuce called "Ruby Lettuce."  She likes the greens dipped in ranch dressing.  I plant more seeds as we pick the lettuce leaves.

The herbs are planted around the patio for quick access.  The girls love to rub the leaves of the lavender between their fingers and then sniff the scent.  Alli likes to eat chives.
We are all excited for summer and the harvest of tomatoes, beans, corn, onions, broccoli, zucchini, squash, watermelon, beets, carrots, peas, cucumbers, pumpkins, collards... whatever survives. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom, can you help?

Ruby quietly asked me to help her.  She had sneaked into Grandma Utah's room and brushed her hair with Grandma's round brush.  She turned the brush round and round until it was stuck nice and tight on the side of her head.
Ruby didn't want Grandma to find out.
I had to snap a picture of the brush tangled into Ruby's locks before helping.
We got that brush out and Ruby quickly returned it to Grandma's suitcase.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

daring and darling

The weather has been sensational this week!  So we went to the playground at the school to celebrate and play!

Ruby is learning to ride without the training wheels.  I love her determined face.  Grandma got her workout trying to keep up with the little speedster.

Alli is an old pro on her bike.  She zipped around the playground weaving around us all.  She is fast and fearless.

Speaking of fearless... June.  This tiny little thing can climb like a monkey!  June has mastered every rock wall she has ever encountered (so far). 

And she is fast on her feet.

Alli is getting so big.  She can do the big kid stuff on the playground.  That makes me feel old a little bit.

Ruby insisted on keeping her bike helmet on while playing.  Safety first.

Grandma makes a formidable giant.  Run June!

June learned to slow herself down towards the end of the slide... after flying off onto her tooshie the first time.

Ruby made a million wishes on the dandelion fluffs... hopefully the wind wasn't blowing towards our lawn.

Time for bed. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

There is much to catch up on.  It has been a very busy week here.  I will start with a list...
-Andy and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this week!
-We went to a quaint little bed and breakfast in Westerville.
- Andy broke his finger. 
-Grandma Utah is in town.
-Ruby and June's room is PINK!
-I finished a painting.
-Alli and Ruby had a soccer game with sunshine!
-Alli, Ruby, and June have new dresses (made by Grandma Utah).
-I made something awesome for my mom.
-Andy and the girls made breakfast for me and Grandma Utah today.
-Alli and Ruby sang a special Mother's Day song at church.
-June got kicked out of nursery for pinching and pushing.  A proud mommy moment for me.
-Andy made some delicious salmon for dinner.

I am probably leaving out some good stuff. 
Here are a few pictures...

Sisterly love... or headlock.

Dresses made by Grandma Utah.  Oh so cute.

Alli on the soccer field.

June on the sidelines.

Ruby the soccer warrior.

Grandma has patiently read one million books.

June can wash her hair in the sink.

Three giggling girls = Best Mother's Day ever!