Friday, December 29, 2006


Yesterday I drove downtown with the girls to pick Andy up from his office. As we waited outside of his building, Alli watched the people coming out and she asked, "Are those Daddy's co-workers?" My seatbelt kept me from falling off of my chair with laughter.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sew what?

Sometimes I like to tinker with my sewing machine and make small sewing projects. Monday I attempted a fairly ambitious project (for me).... and I was successful! I made matching clothes for Ruby and Alli. They have matching fleece chicky hats with fun pink tassels and matching pants (Alli) and skirt (Ruby). Ruby was supposed to have pants too, but they ended up being too tight and I only had enough fabric leftover to make her a skirt.
I don't sew very often, but when I do, I really enjoy it, especially if my project turns out right!

Thanks for the package

The package from "Grandma Utah" arrived yesterday. Alli couldn't wait to see what was inside. She shouted, "I'll go get the scissors!" Yikes. I got the scissors and opened the package. Her eyes lit up as I lifted the flaps back.


Instantly, Alli began to toss snow into the air and spread it around. No sooner had I emptied the gifts from the box, Allison dumped the rest of the snow onto the floor. Alli was delighted! I was amazed (and frightened) at how quickly our house turned into a wreck! Those static-y little foam blobs were stuck to everything.
This once again proves the package is more fun than the present.
(She loved the puzzle. Thanks Joyce!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wisdom and Teeth

My wisdom teeth are gone!
I am a "late bloomer" when it comes to wisdom teeth. They only came in a few years ago, and they were straight, not crowded, just fine. Well, they were fine until I got two cavities in them (my first EVER)! The dentist thought it was time for them to go because they are difficult to maintain, especially once you get a cavity. I nervously scheduled a time to have them pulled. Because I am still breastfeeding Ruby, I could go under general anesthetic, so the procedure was done only with local numbing.

I went to my appointment Thursday afternoon. Andy came home early to watch the girls. I was very tense and nervous in the chair. My mouth was numbed and the teeth came out so quickly! The doctor had the first one in his hand before I knew he had begun. No pain! No problem! The worst part was walking home one block with an ice pack on my face, gauze in my mouth, and not knowing if I was drooling out of my numb mouth. I kind of enjoyed the first few hours of pudding and applesauce only. I had a teensy bit of swelling, but nothing to keep me indoors.

To everyone who has had a bad wisdom teeth experience, sorry.

That's our kind of party!

This year Andy's work party was especially exciting for us. The party was at Andy's office. The most memorable part of the party was Ruby's eruption. She got sick and threw up on Andy, then on me. Her cute Christmas dress was covered! Andy got it bad too. My outfit hid the stain pretty well. Luckily we had a spare outfit for Ruby. Then when we were next in line to see Santa, Ruby threw up all over Andy again. Andy had to take Ruby to his office on another floor. Andy changed into his spare "court" shirt. Ruby and Andy missed Santa this year.

Alli had her first non-crying Santa experience this year. Unfotunately, Andy and Ruby had to miss it. Alli was amazed to see Santa in person. She got up on his lap and gave him a little hug. Alli told Santa that she would like "Dora stuff" for Christmas. Santa gave Alli a teddy bear in a soccer uniform and a bag of candy. She was so happy to get a gift from Santa.

As soon as she was done with Santa we rushed down to Andy's office to check on sick Ruby. Alli tried to cheer up Ruby with her bear.

The saucer and the entourage

This picture captures the girls and their favorite things right now.

Ruby loves her exersaucer! When we put her in it, she bounces and turns around to play with the different toys. The exersaucer can entertain Ruby for quite a while. That's why I think it is worth its weight in gold!

Allison has a little entourage that seems to follow her around everywhere. In this picture she is holding Sally, Flower Baby, and Madeline. The rest of her collection includes Beautiful Belle, Cinderella, Bear, Bunny, Fleecy, Avery and Adeline (named after our friend's twins), Rex and Chalula. She named many of them by herself. She always has some combination of these little friends with her. She takes very good care of them all. Sometimes she calls them her children. She is a very loving, tender mommy.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cheerios Explosion

Sunday mornings are usually a circus for us. Andy has to be at church for meetings at 6:15am. I have to get myself and the girls ready and be at church before 9am. That doesn't sound very difficult, but it is one of the most stressful few hours of my week. This morning we actually made it to church on time. Andy even met us in the parking lot to help carry the girls in. Allison got her usual Sunday-breakfast-to-go: Cheerios in a baggie and a sippy cup of milk (often packed the night before).

Andy is in the bishopric at church, so he sits on the stand in front of the congregation. I sit in the pews with the girls. About halfway into the service today, Ruby was getting hungry and Alli was getting fidgety. Alli took the baggy of Cheerios that she had been snacking on and she tossed it into the air.

The next few seconds felt like slow motion. Cheerios flew up into the air. High into the air. The sound of gasps and giggles from people behind us came next. Those airborne Cheerios reached their maximium height and began to fall. The Cheerio fallout zone covered an area about ten feet long and ten feet wide. Little Cheerios starting pinging down on unsuspecting folks, prompting more giggles and gasps and heads turning in our direction. On the stand in front of us, Andy covered his mouth to hide his grin and keep from laughing out loud. Giggles and snickers seemed to come from every direction. I ducked down to start picking up the mess, and to hide my blushing cheeks. The couple next to us and the children in front of us... and some people in the pew in front of them...and a few people behind us pitched in to pick up the little missiles. A kind sister held Ruby so I could pick up the cereal.

It is amazing how a few seconds can turn into the most unforgettable part of a day.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

And so the blog begins...

We are recovering from the second illness of the season, and this one was a real doozy. Alli got the flu around 2am Monday morning. Lots of fun. I got the flu later Monday. In the evening, while Andy was on his way home from work, I felt the flu bubbling up, so I set Ruby on the floor and told Alli to watch her. I ran upstairs to loose my cookies, and meanwhile Alli heard me (she has a VERY sensitive gag reflex) and she threw up all over Ruby. I felt awful and I had a nasty mess to deal with. Andy arrived home ten minutes later to help me get the girls cleaned up.
The pictures are from healthier times. Alli dumped an entire bottle of kid shampoo into her bath water. She had a Hollywood bubble bath. I had to rinse her off in the shower for ten minutes until all the bubbles were gone. Ruby is storing up for winter in those chubby cheeks! They are the most kissable pink apples! She is rolling over and working on sitting up.
And so the blog adventure begins. Tune in next time for more fun and excitement (hopefully the healthy kind).