Thursday, July 8, 2010

The cousins are in town...

Things have been busy here.  And the blog has been neglected a little.  Cousins are in town for a visit... we are glad to be a stop  on the Epic Road Trip of 2010 (more on this later).
We are having fun (except for when we aren't).  And we are keeping our cool (except for when sparks fly).  We are sharing (if it's convenient).  Naps optional.
Summer is treating us well,  our girls look sun-kissed and golden-haired despite the ample sunscreen.  I am doing lots of really dirty laundry... it's a summer thing.

Check out the pictures I took yesterday.
Life is busy, but good.  Summer is sizzling by so quickly.

PS- June is suddenly very good at saying "MINE!"  Maybe it's because Lily is only two months older and she really loves June's stuff.