Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas day...

Last night we read the Christmas story in Luke 2.  We talked about the birth of Christ and imagined what it was like.  We said our family prayer and turned out the lights.  I know it was hard for the girls to go to sleep.  Ruby and June kept sneaking out of bed.

It was after 8am when they all woke up.  Alli, Ruby and June were so excited as they waited on the steps for the go-ahead.

First we emptied our stockings.  Santa brought new toothbrushes for everyone and a box of special band-aids for each girl.  June found a boo-boo post haste and applied a Dora bandage.
Then came the presents under the tree!

Oh, the excitement!

Can you spot Alli's new dictionary (she asked for it), my new shoes (magenta sneakers!), a little plumber smile, and a homemade book Alli made for Andy and I.

June just knew this little trike was hers.  She spent the entire morning cruising around our house and trying all kinds of tricks on her trike.

Ruby got the pillow pet she "wanted her WHOLE LIFE!"  She was all smiles.  Except for this one moment...

I think she was pouting because "Toy Story" is a "movie for boys!"  Then she watched it and changed her mind.
We had a delicious breakfast... with toys by our side.

And now I breathe a sigh of relief.  Sure, there are bit of wrapping paper in our great room, but the busy part of Christmas is done. 
The kids are playing with their new things.  Andy is in his shop making something awesome (I can't wait to show you!).  Most of us are still in jammies at 3:30pm.
And that is why I am finally catching up on the blog.
Today I feel the peaceful part of Christmas. 

I am thankful for Jesus Christ.  I know the peace I feel is from HIM.  I am thankful for all the little miracles and tender mercies and blessings in my life.