Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School Pictures... finally

I am behind on the blog.
The girls are back to school... they have been for a few weeks now.  Anyhow, here is Alli's first day of school...

She is a little ray of sunshine on a very dark and wet morning. 
She is obviously getting older and cooler...

She didn't even turn back to wave at me.  Sniff.  She did wave as the bus pulled away.

Ruby started kindergarten a few days after Alli started.

Alli was eager to show Ruby her school... where to go... what to do...
Can you feel the love?

Ruby is tough to wake up.  Every morning is a battle... but I am the only one fighting.  She is like a rag doll.  Once she is out the door, she perks up and smiles all the way to the bus stop.

And she turns to smile at her mommy when she gets on the bus.

Both girls love school and adore their teachers.  Hooray for the wonderful teachers at our school (and all schools)!

June is adjusting to having the house (and mommy) to herself all day.

She spends a lot of time taking care of babies.  Can you tell which is her favorite?

The blue-eyed baby she calls Asena (named after her baby cousin).  June loves her blue eyes and bandages (several more bandages have been added since this picture... I'll have to get another picture eventually).  She also has some permanent marker drawings on her arms.

June and I are getting a lot done during the days.  And having lots of fun.   And reading lots of books.

Life is good.  And when the girls come home, there is always more fun (though maybe less stuff getting done).