Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring lambs

We are lucky to have friends with a farm... and sheep.  The sheep recently had lambs, so we went to check them out.
The girls were excited to see the sheep.  
(Yikes.  Watch out sheep!)

The sheep were very friendly, the lambs were somewhat shy.
"Are those girls still here?"

Watching the lambs frolic and play was adorable.  Cute overload!  

We were all pretty smitten with the lambs.  And now we all want lambs... lots of them... jumping around and playing... and never getting big.

Andy let Cora get a look at the sheep.  I think I said, "Don't let the sheep lick her!"  I don't know if sheep actually lick people.  But that mama sheep was close!
Cora did not get licked.