Monday, February 9, 2015

Amazing feats of strength and endurance!

Our Ruby is a climber... always has been.  She climbed up onto our dining table before she was a year old.  Anyhow, she has been taking a real rock-climbing class for the past eight months or so.  She loves it.  It is fun and challenging.
So I took Ruby to the rock wall at the gym on Saturday.  And she decided to climb laps.  Climbing laps means climbing up the wall, then climbing back down (instead of letting go and gliding down with the belay system) and when you get to the bottom, that is one lap, and then, without touching the ground or taking a break, you climb up again, and so on.  It takes a lot of strength and stamina.  Ruby beat her previous record of 6 laps.  Then she made it to 10.  Wow!  But she kept going... for almost an hour... and she climbed 35 laps!
The wall is 35 feet high.  So she climbed 1225 feet up... and 1225 feet down... continuously without a break.
She ended up with two blisters.  And she was "slightly sore" the next day.  
Already she is planning to break this personal record.
Here is a little clip of her climbing a post at a soccer game.  She grips the beam and uses 1/2 inch bolts/nuts as toe holds.

My best is 4 laps... gotta work on that.