Sunday, March 11, 2007

We've been busy

This week Andy took some time off work and we started a kitchen remodel. With the help of Andy's parents, we removed the old upper cabinets and a huge pantry cupboard. We replaced the upper cabinets with taller wood cabinets and added four feet of counter space.
Our house has been a disaster area all week. Everything in the old cabinets had to come out, so it went on the dining table. Then the old cupboards were stacked up in the living room, and the new ones were built and stacked everywhere too. I am looking forward to finishing this project quickly. We need to put in a few spacers between some cabinets, put up a backsplash, attach all the hardware, get a new countertop, microhood, sink, and refrigerator, and probably a few other things.
The countertop guys are coming Monday. Stay tuned!