Monday, April 30, 2007

Dental Hygiene

Ruby's favorite toy right now is her toothbrush. She carries her toothbrush around everywhere she goes, and she has a mini-tantrum when I take it away to clean it. She is getting an early start to proper dental hygiene. And she does have very white teeth.


Bianca said...

My mom said that when I was a little baby girl, I had white teeth too. But when I got older, I kinda forgot about taking care of them, so they got a little yellow. This went on for so many years, until my boyfriend (who's now my husband) took me to his father's Las Vegas cosmetic dentists to ask for a remedy. They said that a simple teeth whitening procedure would do the trick, so I agreed. From then on, I became extra caring about my oral health, thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Las Vegas is surely a great place to get you teeth whitened.