Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. On Saturday we had dinner and an egg hunt at the Seamon's house. The Dads hid the Easter eggs, then the kids were set loose. Clara, Allison and Annaliese enjoyed running around collecting the eggs. Clara would pick one up and yell, "Yeah! I found another one!" She said that after picking up each egg.

It was very cold Saturday night. We were all bundled up, but still freezing. After a few minutes of watching the girls collect eggs, the parents started helping a bit. We wanted to get back inside.

The girls really enjoyed opening their eggs to find the candy inside. Alli, Clara and Annaliese were very protective of their little stashes. Clara did share with her little brother; Sam got his first peep. He devoured it.

On Sunday, Alli dressed in her Easter best: a blue "puffy" dress with a pink cardigan, a hot pink undershirt, blue Cinderella gloves, an Easter hat, magenta sequined shoes, and jeans underneath. We did manage to get the jeans off of her before church. She has her own style.

Ruby wore an adorable little sailor outfit. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures before she got it all messy. Ruby really enjoyed all the candy dropped on the floor at home and at church. She loves jellybeans. She defended her candy with her sharp teeth and strong jaws. Today she has enjoyed finding strings of Easter grass everywhere. Fun.

We told the Easter story on Sunday. If you ask Alli what Easter is about, she will say, "Jesus died and was resurrected." Andy told Alli that the Easter Bunny is pretend. She is fine with that, but when our neighbor asked Alli if the Easter Bunny came, she said, "The Easter Bunny isn't real, but I got an Easter basket anyway."


Anonymous said...

Karyn --
These are GREAT photos. Do you have any more?

Karyn said...

Yes, we have more photos of the Easter hunt. I'll get some to you on a CD.