Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sleeping beauty

It is tricky putting Ruby to sleep.  We start putting the kids to bed around 8pm.  June is usually the easiest; we say "night night" and put her in her bed.  Alli is usually easy too.  We read a book, pray, put on a CD and turn off the lights.  And then there is Ruby.  She is our particular child.  Everything has to be just so.  Just the way she wants it.  
She usually has a certain set of pajamas in mind... and it is a good day when the ones she was thinking of are in the drawer.  She likes to listen to princess music to wind down... she likes song #10 first.  A sip of water from a big glass... with ice.  No toothpaste, only water on her toothbrush.
She needs a certain special pink fuzzy blanket, no fewer than four pillows...plus a special heart-shaped pillow, her Carebear, unicorn... and on this night she also needed: a painting, two plastic containers, a giant princess doll, a bracelet, some fabric, a colored pencil, a few books, a photo album... she didn't go to bed with all of those things.  She likes to start her night in a "papoose."  I wrap her snugly in a blanket.  Often times, we hear her talking to herself long after our "goodnight."  Or we hear little footsteps creeping around.  And I get frustrated.  How many hours does it take to put Ruby to sleep!?  How can she have any energy left?  I am beat!
And in the morning I find her burrowed into her collection.  Splendid as an angel.  Perfectly peaceful.
My beautiful Ruby.
She is like a magpie, nested up with her treasures.
Sort of like the Princess and the Pea... only opposite.  She can't sleep without all her lovely things surrounding her.

I am sitting here trying to think of a way to sum up Ruby.  And all I can think of is... precious.

To see Ruby and Alli and their cousins in all their princess glory, click here.


stephasauri said...

We had a good laugh when we first saw this post a while back. I swear Eliza must have gone into my google reader and seen this post because she now does the same thing. She puts everything in bed with her. Silly kids!