Sunday, May 16, 2010

I raced for the cure

Early Saturday morning, we all got up and headed downtown for the race.  It was a big race... we could tell by the traffic... and the endless sea of pink. 
My brother Dave and my cousin Dawn ran the race too.  Dave got 2nd place.  He wore hot pink shorts.

I got my best 5k time ever... 23:50-ish (the chip-timed results aren't posted yet).  Dawn finished a few seconds ahead of me.  It was so fun to run together.  I enjoyed the bands playing music every quarter mile or so.
Afterward, there was a big party.  Alli and Ruby liked the free ice cream bars... they look so tired.

There were lots of pink-clad people... like this sweet man.

His wheelchair was all decked out too.
There were tons of bananas.  Literally.  I mean it.

I had the best cheering section ever.  Andy watched the kids and took lots of pictures.

My parents were there too.

It was a fun race for a great cause... I'm so glad I got to participate.


Beth said...

wow, that looks like quite the race! and congratulations on an excellent finishing time.