Friday, August 6, 2010

Escape Artist

On my way to my brother's house today, June was throwing a fit.  Screaming angrily.  I am pretty good at tuning out crying... but then Ruby tattled, "June is not buckled!" 
I know I buckled June into her car seat.
I glanced into the rear view mirror... and there she was, sitting in her seat, slouching over, unrestrained!
I freaked out silently in my heart.  I was on a ramp from one highway to another.  No place to pull over.  Luckily, the next exit was ours.  I stopped and examined June's seat.  She had somehow pushed the button to unlatch the lower buckle, then slipped the chest buckle over her head (it was still latched)!
I tightened all the straps and double checked the buckles...

... and I am still freaking out a little bit.