Friday, January 31, 2014

Staying sane.

 It is arcticly cold in Ohio.  So very cold.  This winter has been exceptionally cold.  And irritating.

We had a big snowstorm last Sunday.  We were sent home from church early due to the snow.  When we arrived home, snow six inches deep covered our driveway... and it was still coming down.  The girls and I shoveled enough so Andy could get in the driveway (he stayed at church to finish up his clerk duties).

I had contractions every 2-5 minutes for the rest of the day... so I won't be doing that again... for a few weeks.  :)

I couldn't sleep Sunday night.  The wind was howling all night long (and those contractions kept up until the wee hours of the morning).

In the morning I sent the kids off to school and ran a few errands.  I noticed a bunch of snowballs rolled in near the road.  Lots of them.  I thought, "Who was crazy enough to roll all those in THIS weather?!"  (It was so cold!) 
Then I noticed them everywhere... along the highway, at the school, in the park, in our neighborhood!  And then I realized that it was a widespread thing.

Snow rollers.

They are kindof cool.  (Except that you have to have crappy weather to get them.)
We waited until it was "warm" outside... like 20 degrees...  (And we had to wait until Thursday) and then we went to a park to check out the snow rollers first hand.
I had never seen them before.  My mom had never seen them before, so I figured we better seize the day and get some pictures with this rare phenomenon.

"It's a donut!"

They are somewhat fragile.

They are everywhere!  Hundreds of them!

June sat on one... it broke.  She was pleased with herself.

"Can't I just get one picture of the three of you together?!"

The kids have missed so much school this winter... the school used up all of the calamity days.  With all the snow days and holidays, they haven't had five school days in a row since early December.
We have spent too much time inside.
Here is the latest fun diversion...
 The girls have made a little world in the house plants.
 And all sorts of little plastic animals, people, and creatures live on the plant "islands."
 There are little cottages and barns on the islands.
 More fun than toys.
Stay warm.  Stay sane.
Spring will come.  (Right?!!!)


Alison said...

I hear you on the awful weather! Chicago is no different and I'm sick of it! I have never seen snow rollers before. Interesting! Love the little worlds living in your plants. Sounds like fun! xo