Friday, January 17, 2014

The Big 1-0... Harry Potter style!

I still can't believe I have a ten year old!  Double digits!  (Where did the time go?)
Anyhow, Alli read all seven Harry Potter books over the summer, and she is slightly obsessed with all things Hogwarts.  And so we planned a Hogwarts-style birthday party.
First, I went on Pinterest to find a few good ideas.  (And then I remembered that I didn't want to spend a fortune and I didn't have tons of extra time.)  Good old Pinterest.
We gathered up a few witchy/wizard-ish things and made a display.

The big project was in the dining room... floating candles!

 For our craft, we made golden snitches!

We dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and decorated them to make wands.

It was hard to wait for the chocolate to harden.

The girls ate lunch in the dining room with lights out... floating candles gently illuminated the room.  The girls drank butterbeer (melted butterscotch candies mixed with cream soda and seltzer water... topped with ice cream) and ate sandwiches, chips, carrots, and fruit salad.

Then we played a game tasting Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (aka Jelly Belly beans that come in nasty flavors).

Alli wanted a pink cake with green letters that said, "Happy Birthday Alli," like the cake Hagrid made for Harry.  It was supposed to be sloppy.  (Oops.  I forgot.)

Gifts were opened... there were lots of ooooohs and aaaahs.

Andy somehow managed to calmly sit on the couch and check news/email/etc while a riotous game of quidditch ensued all around him.

The goody bag: the pretzel wand, coins from Gringot's bank, a chocolate frog, jelly beans, and a couple of mints.

Alli was delighted with her party.  She is excited to be ten!  
Next year she hopes to get a letter from Hogwarts.
You can read about some more of the details of the party here.


Cami Nicoll said...
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Cami Nicoll said...

I especially LOVE the floating candles! You must have studied at Hogwarts to pull off such a magical birthday :)