Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween Twenty-fourteen!

Every October, I look forward to the Halloween costume choices of my children.  Because they choose awesome stuff.

Drum roll please...
 Alli chose Abraham Lincoln.  Did you know she memorized the Gettysburg address (for fun!)?!  We used the glue gun to attach bushy eyebrows to her glasses.  The beard was also attached to her glasses frames.

And Ruby and June both wanted to be ninjas!  This pictures cracks me up because June wore her coat under her costume for trick-or-treat and she somehow managed to create a double chin in this picture (if you know June, you know she is a bean pole).  I also love the dramatic action in this picture.

Our blue-eyed brunette was Wonder Woman, of course.

We had two candy nights this year... trunk-or-treat at church and the neighborhood trick-or-treat.
This is after the church party...

Not very cooperative for pictures...

 Yep.  I dress up for Halloween.  I was a Day of the Dead lady.

 This is a view of the candy sorting/trading/binge after the neighborhood trick-or-treat.
 (Yes, there are a few extra kids in there... Alli's friends.)

Cora absorbing sugar through costume and wrappers... aaaahhhh... feelings exactly.  Happy Halloween!