Friday, January 9, 2015

What happened in December...

Goodness!  Is it really 2015?!
December flew by in a blink... our December was packed with life!
Here are a few highlights caught on camera...

Cora got a bike-like thing.  She loves it.  Her first words (besides mama and dada... which she is really good at) were "Go! Go! Go!" while sitting on her bike.

Cookies!  We made lots of really great cookies in December... and they are all gone.  Hmmm?

 Check out these beauties that Alli made.  Yes, that is a nativity scene made out of sprinkles!

 Christmas morning photo on the stairs.  Just let us open presents!!!

June got a Santa beard for daddy.  Cora had mixed feelings about it.

After presents...

Okay.  That wasn't all that happened.  
It was a really busy month.  In fact, I haven't sent out Christmas cards yet... hopefully we can get it together for a Valentine card???