Sunday, August 17, 2008

the wildlife on our patio

If you were around last year and this spring, you might remember the caterpillars and subsequent butterflies we observed on our little urban-oasis-patio.
We planted parsley again this year. Black swallow-tail butterflies lay their eggs on parsley because the caterpillars LOVE it. (And fresh parsley is so yummy to cook with... a must have in any culinary herb garden.)
Anyhow, while washing some fresh-picked parsley this week, I discovered a tiny yellow egg on the bottom of one leaf (I wish I would have taken a photo of it). I set that leaf aside in a container to see if it would produce a caterpillar. We didn't have to wait long. A tiny caterpillar emerged from the egg and it is devouring parsley and growing as quickly as it can. Here it is, one day old, note the penny just below:Stay tuned.

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