Sunday, December 21, 2008

cookies and Christmas carols

Okay, so a little bit of catching up here...
Last week we went to our neighbor's Christmas party.  There were hundreds of cookies!  So many varieties!  We made chocolate covered cherry cookies to share.  And we made and decorated gingerbread cookies too.

There was also caroling at the party.  Alli brought her guitar along so she could play along with the pianist and violinist and carolers.

Last week we got a turkey from Jesse Jackson... not personally delivered by him, but from him... or his coalition or whatever.

Andy has been working on a big case... for the UE.  He was even on the evening news!  Well, you could see half of his head in the picture.  Alli and Ruby and I cheered when we saw him on TV.  Our hero!

Also this week...

I got crafty with wool sweaters.

My sister Marissa is in town!  Alli and Ruby love having "Jen-Jen" around (we do not know why Ruby started calling her that)... and it has been such a help to have her here.  I am getting bigger and moving slower while Alli and Ruby seem to have extra Christmas energy.  Two more weeks until due date.

Andy and I have started shopping around for a minivan.  Dealing with car salesmen is so much fun... I enjoyed watching Andy negotiate with Mr. Slick-haired-tanned-Salesman.  (And then I stepped in to shut the salesman down.)  We won't be pressured into an impulse buy on a car.  But we will buy soon!

Today was cold.  With windchill, the temperature was NEGATIVE FORTY!  Luckily the car doors weren't frozen today.  (A miracle indeed!)  Andy and Marissa helped whip up a delicious lasagna for lunch!