Tuesday, December 16, 2008

single digits

Monday was a cold day... and "cold" doesn't begin to do it justice. 

I didn't realize it was only 5 degrees (without windchill factored in) when I bundled up the girls to walk Alli to school.  We made it two blocks before Ruby started to cry a little.  Silent little tears were running down her rosy cheeks.  But we were closer to school than home, so we pressed on.

The ground was covered in ice.  Rain and sleet had fallen just before the temperature plummeted.  Everything was slick, hard, and cold.  We watched a car slip past a stop sign.  Ruby lost her footing a few times. 

By the time we got to Alli's school, Ruby dropped to the floor, refusing to budge.  She did not want to walk home.  I kindof wanted to hang out and warm up too.  But you can linger at preschool for so long before it is obvious that you are stalling.

The walk home was not fun.  Ruby cried from the moment we stepped outside.  Wailed.  She was a trooper, but I ended up carrying her most of the way home.  She buried her face in my hair and snuggled into me.  My coat wasn't zipped over my belly (no longer an option), so it worked out that we kept each other warm.

I am very pregnant.  Carrying Ruby was not fun... especially with icy sidewalks.  But we made it home.  We curled up on the couch with blankets and hot cocoa until we could feel our toes again.

I did not even attempt to walk to school to pick Alli up... even though it had warmed up to 8 degrees.  I decided to drive the few blocks to get Alli.  Unfortunately, the doors to the car were frozen shut.  With some effort I got Ruby's door open and buckled her in.  I chipped the ice off the windshield so I could see.  The driver-side door would not open... not for anything!  I was able to open the front passenger door... so I climbed over the center console somehow... nine months pregnant.  It was graceful and awesome.

Once at school I was able to force the car door open, but the locks were frozen and I couldn't lock the door while we went inside. 

Walking or driving, the cold really bites.

Days like this make me fantasize about one day having a garage to park our car in!  I hear it is pretty great.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a garage is awesome. But shoveling the driveway isn't. Neither is double-digit negative...

Heidi said...

Oh dear, poor Ruby! And poor you!

Alison said...

Thank you so much for helping get Annaliese home that day too! That was just TOOOO cold! Yes, the garage does help alot, but I still dream about having a HEATED garage....someday....yeah, an attached to the house heated garage! That would be pretty awesome. =)

Emily said...

i fantasize about garages too!

Anonymous said...

I think what made Monday even worse was that Sunday was a gorgeous 50 degrees, making the more than 40 degree plummet that much more unbearable. I found it a little sickening that I was making plans to do my errands later in the week because it was going to be in the 20s (get out the sunscreen)!

Mike is taking his last exam as we speak. The first thing on my long school's-out-honey-do list is finish unpacking boxes, hang bikes, etc so we can actually PARK in our attached (though unheated) garage!

You are a trooper for carrying Ruby!

PS- I would love to see you scooting across the passenger seat.

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! You need to move to a nice warm place, that's what I fantasize about! It is nice to have a garage since we have moved from VA to UT!