Monday, April 14, 2008


While in Columbus, we visited Inniswoods Gardens with Marissa, Sarah and Eldon. 

alli ruby eldon in treehouse 1 andy ruby inniswoods 1 alli in rain boots 1

eldon ruby alli treehouse 2 eldon ruby wheelchair eldon white squirrel  andy

Spring flowers were in bloom.  Blossoms on the trees were starting to open.  The fragrance of spring floated on the soft breeze.  It was a gorgeous morning.

The kids loved climbing into the treehouse, watching tadpoles wiggle in the stream, following the albino squirrel, exploring the garden paths, taking a spin in a wheelchair, and seeing the beautiful flowers...  There is nothing so lovely as a spring garden with laughing children.


Anonymous said...

Andy looks SO happy!

Karyn said...

Andy was so sick this day. Maybe I should have mentioned that. He spent most of our vacation sick. Poor guy.