Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yesterday. Today.

Yesterday had a promising start.  I made the bed.  That's always good.

Can you tell which side of the bed is mine?  Four pillows.  Four!  And I need them all!
The bed was promptly unmade by two little monkeys.

This is why we bought an elliptical.

Good exercise.

While cleaning the girls' room, I collected most of Ruby's shoes for a quick picture.

I will be a little sad when Ruby outgrows this batch of shoes.

It was cold, so we stayed inside and made art projects. 

Alli and Ruby glued googly eyes, pom poms and felt scraps to the sides of a broken set of earmuffs that I was about to throw away.  Monsters!  (Why didn't I think of that!?)

We may turn these monstrous beauties into Christmas ornaments.

Last night we had breakfast-for-dinner: whole wheat blueberry pancakes, sausages, and omelets.  I let the girls pour syrup by themselves... from a teeny-tiny pitcher.  Baths were necessary afterward.

Both girls were asleep by 8:30pm.

This morning started promising as well.  Andy wore his suit and wool coat.  Andy looks smashing in his suit and wool coat... especially with a crisp pink shirt and his stripy winter hat.  I might take him to court sometime just to see him dressed up.
(Sorry, no picture.)

Today I had big hair.  I had to put it in a ponytail.  Ruby had static problems with her hair all day.

Alli went to preschool.  Ruby had music class today with Mr. Singer.  After school we had a play date complete with warm brownies!  Alli and Ruby were sad to go home.

Tonight we had cereal for dinner...Kris Tina's recipe.  No complaints.  I also served smoothies made with fresh fruit and carrots.  Ruby called them "smoozies" and Alli corrected her, "SMOOVIES!"  I will make smoothies more often just to hear them say cute things like that.

The girls got a package from Grandma Utah!  They were delighted with the Thanksgiving surprise!  Of course they ran straight to the big mirror wall in the kitchen to check themselves out.

Grandma made these awesome turkey hats!

Yes, Ruby is naked above.  She did get a little more modest... panties at least.  Then she started to sweep the floor.  I bet you wish your cleaning lady was this cute... and festive.

Thank you Grandma!

Alli and Ruby got into a little tiff over who is Daddy's sweetheart.  (Ruby likes to claim that she is Daddy's one and only sweetheart.  Alli tells her that Daddy has three sweethearts.)  Ruby busted Alli's balloon.  Things turned dramatic.  Alli burst into tears and said the balloon was "her best friend ever!"  She wanted to bury the balloon pieces somewhere special.  I was unmoved, and took a picture of her in the throes of her tantrum.

Sad stuff.

Story time was great... except that Ruby kept turning off the light.  Alli and Ruby were asleep by 9pm.

Here is the belly today.  Sloppy ponytail too.

Am I really that big?  Bad angle?  Bulky sweater?  Sheesh.


Heather said...

Always a good read...and a good laugh! You are all looking great! I can't believe the baby will be here so soon!